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  • This is a test changelog record for demonstration.

  • Improvement: add $btn-font-family to control the button's font family.

  • Improvement: add $heading-font-weight to control the heading's font-weight.

  • Improvement: rename some keys in the $colors map (mark-color : mark-foreground, code-color : code-foreground).

  • Improvement: reorganize the recurrent colors into variables.

  • Fix: modify btn-variant() mixin: add hover foreground color.

  • Global switch to color() function's fallback value under the $settings map.

  • Modify the scrollbar() mixin to accept hover thumb background-color value.

  • Make $breakpoints overwriteable by key.

  • Modify font-size() and responsive-font-size() function to accept optimal size value. The optimal value will fallback to a global settnigs under the $settings map.


  • Initial release